Preparation for First reconciliation are made during the 2nd grade year at St. Peter School and the PSR Program.  Reconciliation times at St. Peter Church are Saturdays from 7:30 to 7:50 am and 3:30 to 4:30 pm.


If I am a Husband or Wife:

  • Am I faithful to my spouse?  Do I take him/her for granted?
  • Do I neglect my spouse?
  • Do I fulfill my spouse’s needs?  Do I communicate with my spouse?

If I am a Parent:

  • Do I give my children what they need from me according to their level of maturity:  love, attention, time, listening, encouragement, discipline with love, careful practice of my faith?
  • Or, am I “too busy”?
  • Do I discipline only when I’m angry?  Do I criticize and never praise?

If I am a Working Person or a Professional Person:

  • Do I fulfill my contractual obligations?  Do I give a “day’s work for a day’s pay”?
  • Do I respect the property of my work place?  Steal things from work?  Do I abide by the code of ethics of my profession?

If I am a Catholic Layman or Women:

  • Am I “up front” with my religion?  Or, do I act in such a manner that most people would never even guess that I am Catholic?
  • Do I support my parish “according to my means”?
  • Am I materialistic?
  • Do I give young people good example by living my faith?

If I am a Practicing Catholic:

  • Do I go to Mass regularly?
  • Do I give good example to others  by the way I attend Mass?
  • Do I habitually leave Mass before it is over?
  • Is my religion sincerely held or just a Sunday obligation?

If I am a Neighbor or a Friend:

  • Do I give my time to those in need?
  • Am I a “good neighbor”?  Do I speak well of others?
  • Do I avoid spreading gossip about others?
  • As a friend — am I loyal?
  • Do I lend and borrow as a Christian should?
  • Am I sensitive to others?

Since I am a Citizen:

  • Do I carry out my responsibilities regarding the law?
  • Do I show respect for the Law in the presence of younger people?
  • Do I “run down” the political process or overly criticize the government?

Sins of Omission:

  • For lack of trust and confidence in God.
  • For neglecting the use of the Sacraments.
  • For our apathy.