Confirmation is a sacrament through which we receive the Holy Spirit to make us stronger and more perfect Christians and true witnesses of Jesus Christ. It is a sacrament of our initiation which began in Baptism and continues in the Eucharist. As the candidates come forward to be confirmed they profess their faith in the Catholic Church and personally take on the responsibility for continuing their own religious journey by regularly participating in Sunday Mass, by continuing their spiritual formation within the Church community, by serving others’ needs, and by spreading and defending the faith in word and deed.   Our Director of Religious Education, teachers, and the Parish Priests lead our confirmation preparation process, contact the parish office for more information.  Below are several important documents and forms to help in your preparation.

Important Upcoming Dates

Experience the Church in a Bigger Way:

  • Go on own and tour the Springfield, IL Cathedral
  • Go to the shrine in Belleville for the Way of Lights.  Focus for journal sheet would be why the church has shrines
  • Go on own to the Cathedral in St. Louis and do a tour
  • Spend time with a priest or nun and learn more about the vocation