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Greeter Schedule


Greeters arrive at the church at least 20 minutes before Mass and welcome people who are attending Mass. They may specify Sundays and Mass times when they are available to serve. Families as well as individuals may serve. This is an ideal ministry for families with children. If you are interested in volunteering as a Greeter, please contact Tom Hellhake at tmhellhake@icloud.com or 617-7113.

Current Greeter Schedule:


5:00pm           Elizabeth Topf, Mike & Mary Schuttler

8:00am           Howard & Jo Buckley

9:30am           Jeremy & Jen Dyer

11:00am         Dave & Terri May


5:00pm           Elizabeth Topf, Mike & Mary Schuttler

8:00am           Howard & Jo Buckley

9:30am           Ann Gibleon & Tara Althoff

11:00am         Dave & Terri May


5:00pm         Alden & Joyce Shipp

8:00am         Mark & Mary Christensen

9:30am         Ann Gibleon & Tara Althoff

11:00am        Tim & Lori Brenner


5:00pm         Alden & Joyce Shipp

8:00am         Mark & Mary Christensen

9:30am         Tom & Marlene Hellhake

11:00am       Tim & Lori Brenner


Sunday School/Child Care Volunteer Schedule


Sunday School/Child Care Schedule



The Sunday School/Child Care volunteer schedule can be found at:


To volunteer or for more information, please contact Laura Mays – lauramays@hotmail.com

Liturgy Of The Word Volunteer Schedule

Liturgy Of The Word Volunteer Schedule

Date                      Teacher                 Assistant

2/7 & 2/14                              Ann Gibleon

2/21 & 2/28                            Kristin George & Dana Ludwig

3/6 & 3/13                              Gina Bergman & Jennifer Lepper

3/20                                       Brian & Kristen Walker

4/3 & 4/10                              Gina Bergman & Jennifer Lepper

4/17 & 4/24                            Jen & Jeremy Dyer

5/1 & 5/8                                Brian & Kristen Walker


To volunteer, please contact Sr. Alicia Drone at 222-3155 or a.drone@cospq.org.






Usher Schedule

Usher Schedule

February 2017

Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Mass:   Lead Usher: John Reiter  Ushers: Rodney Becks, Jack Deters, Dave Reis, Jay Smith

Sunday, 8:00 a.m. Mass: Lead Usher: Dale Venvertloh  Ushers: Dave Kuhl, John Liesen, Kurt Stuckman, Lawrence Terwelp

Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Mass: Lead Usher: Mark Strieker  Ushers: Steve Green, John Johannes, Mike Kurk, Mike Schwartz

Sunday, 11:00 a.m. Mass:  Lead Usher: John Flynn  Ushers: Mario Camacho, Al Eilers, Tim Haubrich, Kevin Schuckman



***Please remember that finding a substitute is your responsibility! If you need a new contact list, please call the parish office at 222-3155.***

Lector Schedule


Lector Schedule



The Lector schedule can be found at:


**Remember that finding a sub is your responsibility. For questions, call Parish Office at 222-3155

Thank you for your service!

Weekday Masses

Jan. 22-28: Beth Young

Jan.30-Feb. 4: Mary Brahler

Feb. 6-11: Ed Lavery

Feb. 13-18: Rich Lavery

Feb. 20-25: John Ley

Feb. 27-March 4: Beth Young

March 6-11: Mary Brahler

March 13-18: Ed Lavery

March 20-25: Rich Lavery

March 27-Apr. 1: John Ley


Lector. Thank you, for your service!!

Eucharistic Minister Schedule

Eucharistic Minister Schedule

For EMHCs, please note that the number by your name annotates when you should come to the sacristy after Mass to help wash the Sacred Vessels.

# 1 & 2: First weekend of the month
#3 & 4: Second weekend of the month
#5, & 6: Third weekend of the month

February 2017


Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Mass:  Terry & Tom Bordewick (1 & 2), Ruth Koch (3), Pat Ludwig (4), Donna McCulloch (5), George Meyer (6)

Sunday, 8:00 a.m. Mass: Mary Christensen (1), Maria Eckert (2), Pam Holiday (3), Mary Ann Klein (4), Linda Myers (5), Marty Venvertloh (6)

Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Mass: Judy & Michael Domme (1 & 2), Jean Green (3), Laurie & Marty Stegeman (4 & 5), Lyn Strieker (6)

Sunday, 11:00 a.m. Mass: Steve Boll (1), Karen Disseler (2), Jennifer Ernst (3) Tom Ernst (4), Betty Klingele (5), Sonya Krause (6)


Weekday Masses

You do not have to participate during the Children’s Mass on Wednesday’s as EMHC or Lector. Thank you, for your service!!


Feb. 6-11:  Martha Rapp, Kathy Harman

Feb. 13-18: Mary Brahler, Angela Lepper

 Feb. 20-25: Ruth Koch, Mike Lavery

Feb. 27-March 4: Martha Rapp, Kathy Harman

 March 6-11: John Ley, Angela Lepper

 March 13-18: Ruth Koch, Mike Lavery

 March 20-25: Mary Brahler, Martha Rapp

March 27-Apr. 1: Angela Lepper, Kathy Harman


Server Schedule


Server Schedule



The server schedule can be found at:


**Remember that finding a sub is your responsibility. For questions, call Parish Office at 222-3155

Thank you for your service!



Learn about Worship at St. Peter Catholic Church, along with responsibilities and schedules for Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Greeters, Lectors, and Ushers.


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Parish Life

Learn about the abundant variety of Parish Life groups, programs, and activities here at St. Peter Parish.

Pastoral Care

Learn about Pastor Care ministries and related activities here at St. Peter Catholic Church.

Evangilization & Outreach

Learn about groups and opportunities within the Parish who are dedicated to evangilization & outreach within the community and beyond.

Advisory Groups

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Marriage Preparation and Policies

We congratulate you on your plans to be married and are committed to doing everything possible to ensure your Catholic wedding is as beautiful and as meaningful as the vows you will exchange. Before your wedding is scheduled, we want to ensure you are aware of our Policies for Celebrating Marriage and agree with them.

Our policies are based in Canon Law and those of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. Our parish follows these policies for all marriages. We ask that you complete the wedding intake form and bring it with you to your first meeting with our Pastor. All forms and guidelines are located here for you to download.  Additional Wedding resources can be found on our Catholic Links & Resources Page.

Wedding PDF Downloads:



Confirmation is a sacrament through which we receive the Holy Spirit to make us stronger and more perfect Christians and true witnesses of Jesus Christ. It is a sacrament of our initiation which began in Baptism and continues in the Eucharist. As the candidates come forward to be confirmed they profess their faith in the Catholic Church and personally take on the responsibility for continuing their own religious journey by regularly participating in Sunday Mass, by continuing their spiritual formation within the Church community, by serving others’ needs, and by spreading and defending the faith in word and deed.   Our pastoral associate leads our confirmation preparation process, contact the parish office for more information.  Below are several important documents and forms to help in your preparation.

Important Upcoming Dates

Any Sunday:  Tridentine Mass at St. Rose, 8:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. (Pray with our Church)

Any Sunday:  Life Teen Youth Group, Blessed Sacrament, 6:30-8:30 p.m. (Experience the Church in a Bigger Way)

Experience the Church in a Bigger Way:

  • Go on own and tour the Springfield, IL Cathedral
  • Go to the shrine in Belleville for the Way of Lights.  Focus for journal sheet would be why the church has shrines
  • Go on own to the Cathedral in St. Louis and do a tour
  • Spend time with a priest or nun and learn more about the vocation

2600 Maine • Quincy, IL 62301 • (217) 222-3155 • church@cospq.org