Service Ministries

Back-to-School Help Fair

Parish volunteers help to organize and conduct an annual sock-and-underwear drive each summer and also work at the Saturday morning Back-to-School Help Fair in August.  The Help Fair provides services, supplies and clothing to more than 900 area students each year.

Please contact Kathy Harman at 217-222-3155 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Church Decorating Committee

This committee plans and decorates the church throughout the year and maintains the decor and plants in the church and the narthex.

Please contact the Parish Office at 217-222-3155 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Fair Trade

Through its Fair Trade ministry, St. Peter Parish educates parishioners about Fair Trade and sells Fair Trade items from Catholic Relief Services during coffee and donuts each month during the school year. Volunteers help with promotion, staffing during Coffee and Donuts, ordering, and processing orders when they arrive.

Please contact Kathy Harman at 217-222-3155 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Garden & Flowers

Volunteers plant and maintain the gardens and flowers on our parish campus.

Please contact Maureen Schuering at 217-224-4377 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Haiti Sister Parish Committee

The Haiti Sister Parish Committee is one of the newest ministries at St. Peter. It serves as a liaison between St. Peter Parish and Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. This is a great ministry for parishioners interested in developing and strengthening the relationship between our two Catholic communities.

Please contact Marilena Frier at 217-430-8768 , or Derek and Stephanie Fimmen at 217-316-4700, 618-214-6138, to volunteer or find out more information.

Lawn Care

Members of this ministry provide the lawn care for our parish campus.

Please contact Paul Wilson at 217-653-0303 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Painting, Carpentry, Electric, Plumbing & More

Parishioners who are skilled in any of the above disciplines are needed to assist around the parish from time to time.

Please contact Terry Mitten at 217-779-4336 or or Tom Maas at 217-885-3301 or  to volunteer or find out more information.

Parish Nursing

Volunteer nurses are on-site during parish youth programs; assist with Disaster Preparedness programs; help with blood pressure screenings during Coffee & Donut Sundays; provide CPR, First Aid, and AED Training to parish staff and parishioners; help maintain school medical records.

Please contact Kathy Harman at 217-222-3155 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Pro-Life Ministry

This ministry promotes the sanctity of life from the moment of conception to natural death. Activities include sponsorship of an annual parish Baby Shower, coordination of parish participation in the Life Chain, 40 Days for Life, the Walk for Life, and Pennies for Life, and sponsorship of the ongoing Rosary for Life. Every week, parish families volunteer to pray the Rosary every day for a week for the intention of life. This ministry also connects young women with organizations such as Birthright which helps women with unexpected pregnancies by providing free pregnancy testing, confidential help, emotional support, referrals and adoption information and Care Net Pregnancy Center of Quincy which is a non-profit, pro-life ministry dedicated to helping any woman in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Care Net services include free pregnancy tests, pregnancy a parenting classes, adoption information, post-abortion counseling, material support and community referrals. The Pro-Life Ministry also works with Right to Life of Adams County, which is a local affiliate of the National Right to Life and the Illinois Federation for Right to Life. It sponsors events such as the Pro-Life walk and Life Chain that inspires people to choose life.

Please contact Susan Asher at 217-885-3049 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Social Concerns Committee

Social Concerns provides direct assistance (gas money, food vouchers, etc.) for needy persons in our area and arranges for speakers on a wide variety of social issues. The group funds its work through Fifth Sunday collections and a December cookie sale. The group also sponsors monthly collections to benefit Ladies of Charity. Meetings take place monthly on Friday mornings at the church.

Please contact Sharon Mays at 217-224-5169 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Soup Kitchen

St. Peter volunteers staff Horizons’ Soup Kitchen during lunch on the first, third and fifth Mondays of the month.  Three two hour shirts available.

Please contact Kris Rueter at to volunteer or find out more information.

Stewardship Team

The St. Peter Stewardship Team spearheads a parish-wide initiative to help parishioners develop as disciples. Through this continual process of renewal, parishioners develop an “attitude of gratitude,” returning a portion of their time, talents and treasure to God and our community.

Please contact Doug Greenwell at 217-242-4518 ,, or Chris Robnett at 217-440-5196, to volunteer or find out more information.

St. Peter Parish Picnic

This annual picnic is a family-friendly celebration that takes place near the start of the school year. It includes great food, games for children and adults, a silent auction, music, and more. Volunteers are always needed especially coordinators. Volunteers will be organized near event date.

Please contact James and Kari Weisenburger at 217-242-1608 to volunteer or find out more information.

St. Veronica Guild

Members of the St. Veronica Guild make prayer blankets, prayer shawls, Christening blankets for infants baptized in our parish and adults coming into our Church through the RCIA process, and other hand-crafted items. These items may be knitted, crocheted, or sewn, but they all are expressions of healing, outreach and love. As guild members work, they pray for the person who will be the recipient. Completed items are blessed before distribution. While most work is done at home, those who are interested, get together after 8 a.m. Mass on the second Thursday of the month for a morning and/or afternoon of crafts, fellowship and prayer. Meeting attendance is not required and, in fact, we can pick up completed items for those who cannot drive. St. Veronica Guild members also make cards to accompany the hand-made items.

Please contact Meg Fitch at 217-223-6149 or to join or find out more information.

Outside Community Ministries

Ladies of Charity

The Ladies of Charity have been helping people in Quincy area since the early 1920s. The motto is “To server rather than be served.” There are two locations in Quincy run with Volunteer help. One is located at 510 South 4th St. and a Thrift store at 2325 Elm St. Volunteer opportunities include working directly with clients; sorting and cleaning clothing for the racks; assembling food boxes; stocking racks, pricing items, pricing items and cashiering at the thrift store.

Please contact Barb Mason at 217-242-6929 to find out more information.

Knights of Columbus

This Catholic men’s society promotes social and intellectual fellowship among its members and their families.

Please contact Al Mitten at 217-228-3230 or to find out more information.

Catholic Charities

This organization provides crisis assistance to those in need. Catholic Charities’ mission is “to extend to all the healing and empowering presence of Jesus.” Catholic Charities operates as a food pantry and is in need of volunteers to help in various aspects of this important ministry to those in need.

Please contact 217-222-0958 to find out more information.

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

CYO promotes the physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and general welfare of young people. Its programs include volleyball, basketball, and karate. Adults can volunteer to assist with coaching as well as to serve as a board member when needed.

Please contact Dan Bradfield at 217-577-4952 or or Tom McLaughlin at 217-223-9321 or to volunteer or find out more information.