Hospitality Ministries

Coffee & Donuts

Parish volunteers host coffee and donuts after 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. Masses the first Sunday each month from September through May.

Please contact Rod and Cathy Becks, 223-0519

to volunteer or find out more information.

Funeral Dinners

St. Peter Parish offers funeral dinners to families of parishioners who die and whose funerals are celebrated here. Parishioners handle these dinners from A-Z, from set-up to tear-down and providing food. Volunteers to serve and/or to provide food a few times a year are welcome!

Please contact Sue Kuhl at 217-224-0412 or or Sharon Lauer at 217-223-5266 223-5266, or to volunteer or find out more information.


Greeters arrive at the church at least 20 minutes before Mass and welcome people who are attending Mass. They may specify Sundays and Mass times when they are available to serve. Families as well as individuals may serve. This is an ideal ministry for families with children. It is also requested that greeters take up the gifts at the Mass they are serving if there is not a special occasion.

Please contact Tom Hellhake at 217-617-7113 or to volunteer or find out more information.

Seniors’ Cards & Games Group

Get together with other Sensational Catholic Seniors for games, cards, and get-togethers of fun and fellowship. Meet new people! Open to all Catholics and non-Catholics 55 and older.

Please contact Alden and Joyce Shipp at 217-222-7355  (home)  217-740-3594 , 217-740-9411  or to participate or find out more information.


Ushers make people who are attending Mass at St. Peter feel welcome, cared for and comfortable. They greet people, assist with doors, help people find seats when the church is crowded, take up the collection, distribute bulletins, and straighten up the church after Mass. They also help if someone becomes ill. Ushers are required to do a one-time training before they begin their responsibilities. They may specify months and Mass times when they are available to serve.

Please contact Chris Gill at 573-719-9331 ,  to volunteer or find out more information.

Warm & Welcoming Parish Team

As hospitality is a pillar of stewardship, the Warm and Welcoming Parish Team provides activities and events to welcome new parishioners. The group meets and greets new parishioners, sponsors the Sunday Mass greeters’ program, and plans and hosts parish events.

Please contact Mary Jo Reed at  217-653-0267 or to volunteer or find out more information.