Greeters arrive at the church at least 20 minutes before Mass and welcome people who are attending Mass. They may specify Sundays and Mass times when they are available to serve. Families as well as individuals may serve. This is an ideal ministry for families with children. If you are interested in volunteering as a Greeter, please contact Tom Hellhake at tmhellhake@icloud.com or 617-7113.

Current Greeter Schedule:


June Greeter Schedule


5:00pm   Jay & Nan Grawe, Vivian Hardy, Judy Nelson

8:00am   Dave & Sue Kuhl, John & Judy Liesen

9:30am   Randy & Mandi Dickerman, Eric & Mindy Entrup

11:00am  Mike & Jean Buckley, John & Alana Flynn


5:00pm   Vivian Hardy, Judy Nelson,Jerry & Gingi Holzgrafe

8:00am   John & Judy Liesen, Lucille Churchwell, Bessie                                                                                                                                      Heinze

9:30am   Eric & Mindy Entrup, Doug & Karen Greenwell

11:00am  John & Alana Flynn, Dave & Becky Grimm


5:00pm   Jerry & Gingie Holzgrafe, Dan & Betty Klingele

8:00am   Lucille Churchwell, Bessie Heinze, Tom McLaughlin

9:30am   Doug & Karen Greenwell, Bob & Jil Johnson

11:00am  Dave & Becky Grimm, Steve & Sonya Krause


5:00pm   Dan & Betty Klingele, Steve & Leslie Koetters

8:00am   Tom McLaughlin, Kent & Janet Schreacke

9:30am   Bob & Jil Johnson, John & Carrie Lavery

11:00am  Steve & Sonya Krause, Nick & Cheri Moran

July Greeter Schedule


5:00pm   Steve & Leslie Koetters, Sonny & Kathy Laird

8:00am   Kent & Janet Schreacke, Dennis & Lynn Semerad

9:30am   John & Carrie Lavery, Eric & Krisha Ley

11:00am Nick & Cheri Moran, Mark & Leanne Schell


5:00pm   Sonny & Kathy Laird, Randy & Stacey Mettemeyer

8:00am   Dennis & Lynn Semerad, Kurt & Toni Stuckman

9:30am   Eric & Krisha Ley, David & Dana Ludwig

11:00am Mark & Leanne Schell, Kevin & Janice Schuckman


5:00pm   Randy & Stacey Mettemeyer, George & MaryNell Meyer

8:00am   Kurt & Toni Stuckman, Nick & Lori Terwelp

9:30am   David & Dana Ludwig, Clint & Jodi McDonald

11:00am Kevin & Janice Schuckman, Chuck & Nici Woodyard


5:00pm   George & MaryNell Meyer, Tanner & Ashley Meyer

8:00am   Nick & Lori Terwelp, Dennis & Sharon Keck

9:30am   Clint & Jodi McDonald, Gary & Gerry Carter

11:00am Chuck & Nici Woodyard, Gabriel & Holly VanderBol


5:00pm   Tanner & Ashley Meyer, Terry & Sharon Mitten

8:00am   Dennis & Sharon Keck, Bob & Penny Musolino

9:30am   Gary & Gerry Carter, Ryan & Amy Pabisiak

11:00am Gabriel & Holly VanderBol, Linda Busen, Mary Alice Bybee

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