Greeters arrive at the church at least 20 minutes before Mass and welcome people who are attending Mass. They may specify Sundays and Mass times when they are available to serve. Families as well as individuals may serve. This is an ideal ministry for families with children. If you are interested in volunteering as a Greeter, please contact Tom Hellhake at tmhellhake@icloud.com or 617-7113.

Current Greeter Schedule:


April Greeter Schedule     


5:00pm   Tanner & Ashley Meyer, Eric & Amanda Becks

8:00am   Tom & Marlene Hellhake, Sara Bradfield

9:30am   Ramey & Sara Thurman, Chad & Erica Douglas

11:00am Mark & Leanne Shell, John & Ginger Bocke


5:00pm Eric & Amanda Becks, Bradley & John Boeing

8:00am   Sara Bradfield, Brian & Megan Brown

9:30am   Chad & Erica Douglas, Kraig & Natalie Genenbacher

11:00am John & Ginger Bocke, Jerry & Anita Eberhardt


5:00pm Bradley & John Boeing, Betty Boling, Mary Ernst

8:00am Brian & Megan Brown, Jean Cook

9:30am Kraig & Natalie Genenbacher, Matt & Kristin George

11:00am Jerry & Anita Eberhardt, Eric & Kelly Larson


5:00pm Betty Boling, Mary Ernst, David & Rose Marie Busen

8:00am Jean Cook, John & Patricia Fischer

9:30am Matt & Kristin George, Genny Gramke, Matthew & Maria Mast

11:00am Eric & Kelly Larson, Brian & Megan Lovelace


5:00pm David & Rose Marie Busen, Randy & Stacey Mettemeyer

8:00am John & Patricia Fischer, Jeanette Greving

9:30am Genny Gramke, Chad & Jenny Mahoney

11:00am Brian & Megan Lovelace, Bryan & Brooke Stokes

May Greeter Schedule     


5:00pm           Randy & Stacey Mettemeyer, Jack & Barb Deters

8:00am           Jeanette Greving, Pat & Linda Haugh

9:30am           Chad & Jenny Mahoney, Luke & Tara Bealor

11:00am         Bryan & Brooke Stokes, Jeff & Jennifer Walker


5:00pm           Jack & Barb Deters, Nathan & Laura Lansing

8:00am           Pat & Linda Haugh, Chris & Jennifer Kirn

9:30am           Luke & Tara Bealor, Ashley & Kristie Bunch

11:00am           Jeff & Jennifer Walker, Dan & Heather Bradfield


5:00pm           Nathan & Laura Lansing, Todd & Tina Fetter

8:00am          Chris & Jennifer Kirn, Mary Ann Klein

9:30am          Ashley & Kristie Bunch, Rich & Linda Mettemeyer

11:00am          Dan & Heather Bradfield, Gina Wolf


5:00pm         Todd & Tina Fetter, Jay & Nan Grawe

8:00am         Mary Ann Klein, Dave & Sue Kuhl

9:30am         Rich & Linda Mettemeyer, Randy & Mandi Dickerman

11:00am         Gina Wolf, Mike & Jean Buckley


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